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Autodesk Infraworks 360

About the course

InfraWorks 360 preliminary engineering and design software improve your infrastructure project outcomes throughout the asset lifecycle. It enables you to make decisions in the context of the real world, not the CAD world. It also combines and connects data to better create, view, analyze, share, and manage information anywhere, on any device using the power of the cloud.

Autodesk Infraworks Training helps a great deal…

Autodesk InfraWorks included in Infrastructure Design offers foundational sketching and modeling capabilities for infrastructure professionals. It creates a 3D model of the existing environment to generate data-rich design concepts. Further, it also helps accelerate the project approval process by quickly authoring project scenarios and alternatives to increase project understanding.

Topics covered in this Autodesk InfraWorks training course:

  • Navigate the user interface
  • Create new models from scratch
  • Incorporate existing data sources into a model
  • Add essential design elements to a model
  • Display features according to data behind a model
  • Create new styles according to project requirements
  • Analyze a model to ensure that project constraints are met
  • Create high-impact visualizations of the project for better communication
  • Generate videos using storyboards
  • Use the Roadway Design for InfraWorks 360 module to:
    • Create property boundaries for parcels, easements, and right-of-ways
    • Create and modify design roads with precise parameters
    • Design a road using component roads
    • Adjust roadside grading
    • Apply and review suprerelevations in component roads
    • Modify how design roads intersect using a standard intersection or roundabout
    • Optimize the vertical design of a roadway
    • Create gradient maps to identify areas with low impact for site or corridor optimization
    • Find an optimal horizontal design of a roadway, considering cost & environmental factors
    • Run traffic simulations
  • Use the Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360 Module to:
    • Add bridges to a design roadway
    • Work with bridge deck and girder cross sections
    • Perform analysis and design checks on pre-stressed girders
  • Use the Drainage Design for InfraWorks 360 Module to:
    • Run a watershed analysis
    • Create or modify culverts
    • Create and analyze a pavement drainage network