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Business Development Internship

This course provides analytical tools and explains the processes for the characterization and analysis of business problems using models based on the working practices employed by international consulting companies. The global strategy management tools are as developed by the Wharton Business School. This course provides the best from those two programs and teaches a thinking methodology that is clear and a solution finding process for every business problem.

Course Syllabus:


  • Business strategy terminology
  • Basic assumptions for marketing
  • Creating buy-in by using an effective presentation

Identifying the organization’s needs

  • Sources of information and information gathering
  • Business intelligence

Analyzing a business problem

  • Framing the problem
  • Using MECEE hypotheses
  • Gathering researched information
  • The correlations between the information gathered, the problem and the research process

Process management

  • Customer management and factors within the organization
  • Team management
  • Personal management

Presenting the solution for implementation

  • Creating impact
  • Selling the solution
  • Structure and order for the presentation of the solution


Vision, motivation and transparency

Implementation and assimilation

  • Reactions to the process
  • Significance for the organization, operations and changes to the organizational culture
  • Completing the process