Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Training In Mohali and Chandigarh

Cloud computing courses catch the attention of young students worldwide nowadays. Itronix solutions provides the most exceptional quality of cloud computing training in Mohali and Chandigarh. The best in class cloud computing program from this reliable institute gives confidence to students in colleges to choose this program. Every student who learns cloud computing by using this affordable program in Itronix solutions can get the bright future beyond doubt. This is because leading professions make use of the cloud computing in the most efficient way. You can prefer this program to learn from the basics of cloud computing to the latest elements in the cloud computing.

Understanding Cloud Computing :

  • Datacenters & components
  • What is Cloud
  • Types of Cloud
  • Components of cloud

VMware Vcloud Director :

  • Overview of vCloud Director
  • Overview of vShield Manager
  • Identify VMware vCloud Director Functions and benefits

vCloud Director Architecture and Components :

  • Analyze vCloud Director Architecture
  • Understanding licensing needs & Licensing model

vCloud Director Installation and Configuration :

  • Prerequisites for vCloud Director Installation vCloud Director
  • Software installation Configuring vCloud Director software

Differentiate the vCloud Director terminologies :

  • Configure and manage vSphere resources
  • Configure and manage cloud resources
  • Create and provision organizations
  • Create and manage catalogs
  • Utilize roles and rights to control access
  • Recognize the different admin roles within vCloud Director

Network Administration In vCloud Director :

  • Recognize types of networks in vCloud Director
  • Create and manage the networks
  • Identify different types of network pools

vCloud Director User :

  • Recognizing user tasks and privileges
  • Identifying how to work with vCloud Director as a user

Building a private cloud using VMware :

  • Case study
  • Understanding requirements

Building Cloud using Eucalyptus :

  • Understanding Eucalyptus components
  • Installing Eucalyptus
  • First time setup
  • Eucalyptus Network configuration

Configuring Service portals :

  • Managing Eucalyptus images
  • Web-Based management
  • Configuring User interface
  • Creating and publishing virtual images
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