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Comprehensive HBase


Course Content

1. Getting started with HBase

  • What is Big Data
  • Apache Hadoop
  • HDFS in Hadoop
  • Hadoop MapReduce
  • What is HBase

2. NoSQL and Basic Concepts

  • What is NoSQL and its features
  • How NoSQL DB differs from Traditional Databases
  • Characteristics of Apache HBase
  • Comparison of HBase with HDFS
  • When to use HBase, where Not!

3. HBase Data Model

  • Building Blocks
  • Column Family in HBase
  • Storage of Column Family
  • Data Model in HBase
  • Timestamp as Versions

4. HBase DDL, DML and Other Commands

  • Getting Started with HBase Shell
  • DDL in HBase
  • DML in HBase

5. Architecture and Working of HBase

  • Core Components of HBase Cluster
  • Need of Zookeeper
  • Client Interaction with HBase Cluster
  • HBase Bloom Filters
  • Write-Ahead Log
  • Compactions in HBase

6. Bulk Loading Data in HBase

  • Load Data in HBase using Apache PIG
  • Load Data in HBase using Apache HIVE
  • Importing of MySQL data in HBase using Sqoop

7. Filters in HBase

  • What is Filter
  • Filters in HBase

8. CRUD operations in HBase via Java API

  • Basic operations in HBase using Java API -I
  • Basic operations in HBase using Java API – II
  • Basic operations in HBase using Java API- III

9. Counters in HBase

  • Implementing Counter Using Java API
  • Single Counter Using Java API
  • Multiple Counters Using Java API