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Cucumber Testing

Course Content
1) Behaviour-Driven Development
2) How Cucumber tool Works
3) What’s Gherkin For?
4) Step Definitions in Gherkin – Given, When, Then
5) Using Cucumber with Java & Junit for BDD Tests
6) Use Maven to Build a Cucumber Project in Eclipse and start writing Tests
7) Expressive Scenarios
a. Background
b. Data Tables
c. Scenario Outline
d. Nesting Steps
e. Doc Strings
f. Staying Organized with Tags and Subfolders
8) Create Cucumber Structure
9) Create Cucumber feature files
10) Create Step definitions
11) Introduce class to support multiple browsers.
12) Writing Tags to Scenario and features
13) Running selected tests
14) Generating Cucumber reports and also custom Reports
15) Using Cucumber with Selenium for browser testing
16) Automating Cucumber with Selenium + Jenkins for CI/CD
17) Use Cucumber for Testing REST API (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, UPDATE)