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Why IRONCAD Industrial Training in Mohali and Chandigarh ?

IronCAD Online Training Level 1

This first chapter of IronCAD Essentials covers the basics of use of IronCAD.

It emphasizes in the 3D scene area, including the Ribbon bar, properties, catalogues, working with cameras, use of the Triball and Cross Sections.

Table of Contents

Section 1 – The 3D Scene

  • General guide for User Interface of the 3D scene
  • Use Catalogs to drag and drop shapes
  • Edit shapes by using Handles
  • Show content of parts in the Scene Browser
  • Use Camera Tools to Orbit, Pan and Zoom

Section 2 – Drag and Drop Modeling Part 1

  • Create parts using Drag and Drop Modeling
  • Explore General Options
  • Use SmartSnap to shape parts accurately

Section 3 – Drag and Drop Modeling Part 2

  • Explore Advanced Drag and Drop Modeling
  • Learn How to Blend (Fillet) Edges
  • Learn how to Chamfer Edges

Section 4 – Toy Car

  • Use the Shell Tool to shell out parts
  • Use the TriBall to position parts

Section 5 – TriBall Tutorial Part 1

  • Use Advanced TriBall options to position parts correctly
  • Move, Rotate, Copy and Align parts using the TriBall
  • Use the TriBall to Orientate Parts

Section 6 – TriBall Tutorial Part 2

  • Explore more TriBall Orientation Options
  • Learn how to use the TriBall Mouse Shortcuts, Radial Patterns and Mirror Features
  • Learn how to create Linked Features

Section 7 – TriBall Tutorial Part 3

  • Explore Advanced TriBall Orientation Options using the Orientation Handles
  • Exercise using the TriBall to align to Point, to Center Point, Parallel to Edge and Perpendicular to Face

Section 8 – Wooden Table Part 1

  • Exercise using Drag and Drop Modeling and the TriBall Positioning Tool
  • Save Camera Views to view parts from specific angle
  • Use SmartPaint to color parts
  • Use Assemble to assemble individual parts into Assembly Models

Section 9 – Wooden Table Part 2

  • Exercise creating TriBall Radial Patterns
  • Drop Shapes as individual parts

Section 10 – Wooden Table Part 3

  • Explore how to Name Parts
  • Exercise duplicating a Pattern Option
  • Edit Sizeboxes by using Math Functions

Section 11 – Wooden Table Part 4

  • Exercise Linear Pattern Features with Linked Copies
  • Exercise Repositioning the TriBall
  • Combine multiple parts into an Assembly

Section 12 – Wooden Table Part 5

  • Exercise dropping SmartPaint on Assemblies
  • Exercise using the TriBall to Mirror Linked Copies
  • Reorient TriBall to Global

Section 13 – Cross-Section Sketch

  • Edit Cross Sections to change Dimensions of shapes
  • View the Cross Section Display Modes
  • Use Look At Tool to look directly at surfaces
  • Edit 2D curves by dragging or entering dimensions
  • Delete unwanted curves with Trim
  • Use the Offset command to create offset curves

Section 14 – Sweep Wizard – Tube

  • Use the Sweep Wizard to sweep a cross section along a guide curve
  • Use Polylines to quickly create curves
  • Fillet corners of sketches
  • Create 3D curves with the 3D Curve command
  • Explore how to Sweep Along 3D curves
  • Troubleshoot a failed Sweep
  • Use the TriBall to create an accurate 3D Guide Curve

Section 15 – Spin Wizard – Shaft

  • Use Spin Wizard to Spin Sketches along an axis
  • Edit Cross Sections of sketches
  • Use Profile Handles to edit the spun sketch
  • Handle Edit Distance from Center Point and From Point


Section 16 – Bend Tube

  • Use Spin Wizard to create a Bend Tube
  • Use Profile Handles to edit the Dimensions of the Bend Tube
  • Use the Shell Feature to shell out the Part

Section 17 – Loft

  • Use the Loft Wizard to create lofted parts
  • Edit the Profile Locator Curve to relocate the loft
  • Edit Cross Sections of the loft sections
  • Create a Loft feature Between Shapes
  • Switch the Cross Section Directions
  • Switch between Parasolid and ACIS Modeling Kernels
  • Associate loft feature with a face of another shape


Placement Assistance after  IRONCAD Industrial Training in Mohali and Chandigarh

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  • ITRONIX SOLUTIONS is the leader in offering placement to the students, as it has a dedicated placement wing which caters to the needs of the students during placements.
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ITRONIX SOLUTIONS Course duration for  IRONCAD Industrial Training in Mohali and Chandigarh

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes(Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes(Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)