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Mobile and Database Testing


Database Testing is one of the major test requirements in case of backend testing. Testing data residing in database requires specific skill set to test properly. This course introduces the attendees about basic database concepts, objects which are available in a database, SQL Queries, and different types of database testing. This course will help database testers to gain a good knowledge about Database Testing concepts. Ultimately it fills the gap in between the training programs and real time projects.

Module 1 Database Concepts

  • What is Database Application?
  • Testing the Application vs. Testing the DMBS
  • Back End vs. Front End Testing
  • QA’ ing Data
  • Who is responsible?
  • What should be test in the Database?
  • Knowledge required for the Database Tester
  • Database Testing Phases
  • Database Testing Methodologies
  • Structural Database Testing
  • Functional Database Testing

Module 2 Basic Sql

  • SQL Coding Standards
  • what you need to know
  • SQL Basics : Select, Insert, Update and Delete
  • Using the select Statement to Test data
  • Using the insert Statement to generate Test data
  • Testing for application accuracy using the Update and Delete Statements
  • Testing for basic data integrity using Constraints

Module 3 Testing With Sql

  • Joining Tables
  • Using SQL Queries for Data Verification
  • How Concurrency Issue affect data accuracy
  • Database Objects
  • Views
  • Indexes
  • Stored procedures
  • Triggers
  • User Defined Functions

Module 4 Using Sql In Scripting Language

  • Database schema tests
  • Database and devices
  • Tables, Columns types, defaults and rules
  • Keys and indexes
  • Stored Procedure tests
  • Individual Procedure tests
  • Integration tests of procedures
  • Trigger tests
  • Testing Update triggers
  • Testing Insert triggers
  • Testing Delete triggers
  • Integration tests of SQL server
  • Checking data integrity and consistency
  • Test back end via front end