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ITRONIX SOLUTIONS MOHALI and CHANDIGARH provides project based 6 months PHP industrial training in MOHALI and CHANDIGARH based on current industry standards that helps attendees to secure placements in their dream jobs at MNCs. ITRONIX SOLUTIONS Provides 6 months based PHP industrial training course in MOHALI and CHANDIGARH. ITRONIX SOLUTIONS is one of the most credible 6 months PHP industrial training institutes in MOHALI and CHANDIGARH offering hands on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic as well as advanced level 6 months based PHP training courses. At ITRONIX SOLUTIONS 6 months PHP training in MOHALI and CHANDIGARH is conducted by subject specialist corporate professionals with 7+ years of experience in managing real-time PHP projects. ITRONIX SOLUTIONS implements a blend of aPHPemic learning and practical sessions to give the student optimum exposure that aids in the transformation of naïve students into thorough professionals that are easily recruited within the industry.

ITRONIX SOLUTIONS is the 6 months PHP industrial intraining center in MOHALI and CHANDIGARH with high tech infrastructure and lab facilities and the options of opting for multiple courses at MOHALI and CHANDIGARH Location. ITRONIX SOLUTIONS in MOHALI and CHANDIGARH prepares thousands of aspirants for PHP at reasonable fees that is customized keeping in mind training and course content requirement of each attendee.

A general understanding about PHP states that it is the most commonly known and used server-side open-source scripting language, best suited to web development. It is used to power both websites and blogs; and can also be embedded into HTML.

Students attending this 6 months training are introduced to the various language constructor concepts, such as constants & variables and PHP data types. Participants additionally develop expertise in terminologies related to the types of operators; associative, indexed & mixed array declaration; file handling; and MySQL tasks.

ITRONIX SOLUTIONS Project-based 6 Months Industrial Training in php Covers the Following Modules

Industrial Training in php is a modular 6 months course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in php comprises:

CHAPTER 1: Web Designing

  1. HTML :-
    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. HTML Tags
    3. Creating Forms
    6. HTML Frames
    7. Managing home page
  2. CSS :-
    1. Introduction to CSS
    2. Three ways to use CSS
    3. CSS Properties
    4. Designing website
    5. Selectors
    1. Styling Links
    2. Table CSS
    4. Working with Templates
  4. Java Script :-
    1. Introduction to Javascript
    2. Three ways to use Javascript Working with events
    3. Client-side Validation
  5. JQuery :-
    1. Introduction to JQuery
    2. Validation using JQuery
    3. JQuery Forms
    4. JQuery Examples
  6. AJAX :-
    1. Introduction to AJAX
    2. PHP with AJAX
    3. Working with database

CHAPTER 2: Introduction to PHP and Basic Syntax

  1. Evaluation of Php
  2. Basic Syntax
  3. Defining variable and constant
  4. Php Data type
  5. Operator and Expression:-
  6. Arithmetic Operators
  7. Assignment Operators
  8. Incrementing/Decrementing Operators
  9. Relational ( Comparison ) Operators
  10. Logical Operators
  11. Array Operators
  12. Bitwise Operators
  13. Ternary Operator
  14. Default Operator
  15. Associative Operator
  16. MOD Operator
  17. Operator Precedence and Associativity
  18. PHP Variables, Global Array and Expression :-
    1. Types of data in PHP: integers, string, floating data, Booleans, arrays etc. . . .
    2. constant and variables
    3. Difference between PHP variables and constant with example
    4. Important Rules for declaring PHP variables
    5. variable size in terms of characters
    6. strings
    7. User-defined Constants
    8. String constants , variable interpolation into strings
    9. PHP Global arrays
  19. Handling Html Form with PHP :-
    1. Generating File uploaded form
    2. Redirecting a form after submission
  20. PHP Conditional Events and Switch case :-
    1. IF Condition with optional Else
    2. IF and Else with condition and example
    3. multiple IF with else condition
    4. Nested IF and Else Condition
    5. Switch case in replacement of Nested IF
    6. Default case in Switch Case
  21. Decisions and loop :-
    1. Making Decisions
    2. looping
    3. Mixing Decisions and looping with Html
  22. Function :-
    1. What is a function
    2. Define a function
    3. Call by value and Call by reference
    4. Recursive function
  23. String :-
    1. Creating and accessing String
    2. Searching & Replacing String
    3. Formatting String
    4. String Related Library function
  24. Array :-
    1. Creating index based and Associative array
    2. Accessing array Element
    3. Looping with Index based array
    4. Looping with associative array using each( ) and foreach( )
    5. Some useful Library function
  25. Working with file and Directories :-
    1. Understanding file& directory
    2. Opening and closing a file
    3. Coping ,renaming and deleting a file
    4. Working with directories
    5. Building a text editor
    6. File Uploading & Downloading
  26. Types of Error in PHP :-
    1. Understand the Basic syntax and Parse error
    2. Know the different Notice error in PHP
    3. Warning errors in PHP
    4. Fatal error in PHP
    5. Difference Between fatal error and warning with example
  27. State management :-
    1. Using cookies
    2. Using session
  28. Generating Images with PHP :-
    1. Creating Image
    2. Manipulating Image
    3. Using text in Image

CHAPTER 3: MySQL Database Training

  1. What is Database ?
  2. Understanding an RDBMS
  3. Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields
  4. SQL Language
  5. Using the MySQL Command-Line Client
  6. Working with MySQL Admin
  7. Working with PHP MyAdmin
  8. Creating Databases
  9. Types of Databases
  10. Creating Tables in Database
  11. Specifying Field Data Types
  12. Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
  13. Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
  14. Selecting a Table
  15. Altering Table and Field Names
  16. Altering Field Properties
  17. Adding and Removing Fields
  18. BackUp of Databases
  19. Dropping Databases and Tables
  20. Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information SQL Queries
  21. Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
  22. Using Operators
  23. Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
  24. Using Built-In Functions
  25. Grouping Records
  26. Joining Tables
  27. Using Subqueries


  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. Magento
  5. Open Cart


  1. Introduction to ON PAGE And OFF PAGE SEO
  2. Project


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