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QTP Quicktest Professional Testing

Introduction to QTP

  1. Introduction to Quick Test
  2. QTP Benefits in Test Automation
  3. Test Planning
  4. Prepare for Test Case Automation
Record and Playback
  1. Create and Execute Basic Scripts
  2. Understand Recording Levels
  3. Understand QuickTest Results
How Quick Test identifies objects
  1. Object Identification
  2. Object Repository Introduction
  3. Use the Object Spy
  4. Understanding the Expert view & the tree view
  5. Active Screens
  6. Introduction to Checkpoints
Synchronizing Tests: Standard and Text checkpoints
  1. Synchronizing Tests
  2. Add synchronization steps
  3. Standard and Text Checkpoints
  4. Enhance Tests with Checkpoints
Regular expressions
  1. About Regular Expressions
  2. Using Regular Expressions for Object Property Values
  3. Using Regular Expressions in Standard Checkpoints
  4. Using Regular Expressions in Text Checkpoints
Creating Tests with Multiple Actions
  1. Benefits of Test Modularity
  2. Create Multiple Action Tests
  3. Configure and Call Reusable Actions
  1. About Checkpoints
  2. Adding Checkpoints to a Test
  3. Understanding Types of Checkpoints
Data – driven testing
  1. Parameterize tests
  2. Create data-driven tests
  3. Local and Global Data Tables
  4. Working with the Data Table
  5. Use the Data Table to create custom checkpoints
  6. Output Values
  7. Connecting the Datatable to a Database
  8. Importing an Excel file / Excel sheet to the Data table
Enhance Test Cases with User-Defined Functions
  1. Create Quickest User-Defined Functions
  2. Work with Dynamic Web Objects using Internet
Additional features
  1. Define a Virtual Object
  2. Virtual object Manager
  3. Recovery Manager and Scenarios
  4. Handle exceptions using the Recovery Manager Wizard
  5. Writing VB Scripts in a QTP Scripts
  6. Calling VBS files
  7. Using the VBS files across different QTP Scripts
Object Model
  1. Standard Window Objects
  2. Web Objects
  3. Calling Compiled Modules in QTP
Using the Expert View (Preview) Working in the Expert View & Debugging Scripts
  1. Define the QuickTest Object Model: Objects, Methods, and Properties
  2. Translate Test Steps in Tree View to Expert View
  3. Enhance Test Cases in Expert View using QuickTest Functions and _VBScript Programming
  4. Debug Options
Types of Framework
  1. Introduction to Framework
  2. Discussion about framework folder structure
  3. Different types of framework
  4. Advantage of framework
Keyword Driven Framework
  1. Introduction to Keyword driven framework
  2. Development of keyword function
  3. Calling keyword function to automate test case