Raspberry-Pi Training Course Content & Syllabus

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

  • Hardware aspects
  • Board details
  • Overview of available hardware resources
  • Operating systems available
  • Pre-requisites of using raspberry p

Installation of OS on Raspberry Pi

  • Download Image and Prepare SD Card
  • Install Raspberry Pi operating system

Linux System Administration

  • Linux Commands
  • Basic Operations of Linux and commands understanding
  • Raspberry Pi Configuration
  • Installing and uninstalling software
  • Boot and Display Options

Programming the Pi

  • Introduction to Compilers
  • GCC, and C programming
  • Programming for Pi

Shell Programming

  • Accessing resources of Raspberry pi using shell
  • GPIO programming over shell
  • Webcam accessing using shell

Hardware Interfacing

  • GPIO interfacing through Python
  • LED, Buzzer, Switch interfacing
  • Sensors Interfacing

Connecting Pi to the Internet

  • Installing server on Pi
  • Simple Camera Accessing over internet

Control Peripherals with a Pi

  • Playing Music over Pi
  • Using streaming internet

Learning Objectives

  • Setup and operate the Raspberry Pi
  • Understand the basics of the Linux OS used on the Pi
  • Program the Pi for a simple GUI-based game
  • Program the Pi to access a network
  • Program the Pi to play audio
  • Program the Pi to control light emitting diodes (LEDs) attached to the GPIO pins
  • Program the Pi to get feedback from a switch connected to the GPIO pins
  • Program the Pi to get the temperature from a sensor connected to the GPIO pins
  • Program the Pi to detect room light from a photocell censor connected to the GPIO pins
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