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RHCVA – Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator

Course Overview

This course is designed for candidates who wants to learn the skills to manage a data center for virtualization. This course also allows candidates to be able to take the Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator exam. It also helps individuals who are working as a system admin and wants to increase their scope of knowledge for Virtualization infrastructure, guests and hosts using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Course Content

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Overview

Understanding the virtualization types and architecture of virtualization.

  • Install, configure and test manager

Install, configure and testing manager for getting started with virtualization

  • Install and configure hypervisor hosts

Understanding hypervisor , thin clients and thick clients.

  • Create data centers and clusters.

Create data centers and cluster of hosts, nodes, storage domains and logical networks

  • Create and maintain storage

Understand different domains of storage. Configure ISO domain and data domain

  • Create logical networks

Install virtual desktops and configure para virtualized drivers

  • Deploy virtual machines

Spinning up Linux or Windows virtual machines over multiple nodes.

  • Manage VM snapshots and images

          Use hosts and deploy the user portal with multilevel administrative roles.

  • Automate VM deployment

Using templates for automated provisioning of virtual machines.

  • Monitoring and report Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Backing up and restore RHEVH. Using virtualization CLI and API.

  • Installing and configuring thick client

Understanding thin and thick client. Configuring thick clients.

  • Migrating VMs and achieve high availability

Live VM migration over the hosts.

  • Comprehensive review.

          A comprehensive review about Red Hat Virtualization Hypervisor and Manager.