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Course Overview

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment. This program is apt for industry professionals who come with a working knowledge & experience. The Professionals who currently will require a skill upgrade in SCADA for implementation in his/her current jobs. Be the part of best SCADA training centre in Chandigarh and Mohali.

Course Content


  •  Need, Concept and Basic Features of SCADA
  •  Hardware and Software ( Specification & Configuration) requirements for SCADA

Window’s Control Center ( WinCC) Software for SCSDA (WinCC- Advanced)

  • Introduction, Getting  Started and Creation of New Project
  •  Components, Tag Concept and various Tags in WinCC Advanced
  •  Creation and Linking of Tags with PLC
    System Graphic Designing
  • Digital and Analog Supervision & Control through Graphic Screen
  •  Graphic Object Pallets and Library (Standard, Smart and Windows)
  •  Creating Process Pictures with Active X Control and Methods Objects Dynamic
  •  Navigator and Face Plate Designing
    Data Acquisition, Messages and Alarms
  •  Archiving Various Tags and On Line and Historical Trending and Table Display
  •  Displaying , acknowledging and Resetting Messages & Alarms (Digital and Analog)
    Other Supportive Features
  •  Recipes Generation & Selection; Standard Report Generation, User Administration
  •  Cross  References and Project Backup
    Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  •  HMI Types (OP / TP) and Software requirement for SIEMENS make
  • HMI Specifications and Selection Criteria
  •  WinCC Flexible System Overview and its installation
  •  HMI Configuration and Application
    Project Development
  •  Creating Project , Screens project Configuration
  •  Device Settings, Communication Configuration and Defining Tags
    Graphic Control
  •  Planning Graphic Design, Screen Preparation and Navigation Control
  •  Graphic Elements and Libraries and Linking Objects with Tags
  • Other HMI Features
  •  Tag Logging, On Line and Historical Trending
  •  Alarm System – Designing and Handling and Recipes- Designing and Handling
  •  User Administration and Transferring Project to HMI