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Sencha Touch

Course Content

Sencha Touch is an HTML 5 and JavaScript based framework for mobile that enables mobile developers to create cross-platform applications. It works as an extension to existing enterprise apps for mobile clients. Sencha Touch features MVC architecture and a variety of attributes that impersonate the mobile platform native capabilities. It is one of the most proficient ways to develop high performance, sophisticated mobile apps.

Each and every component in the user interface library of Sencha Touch has its own file that can be easily edited. Sencha Touch makes explicit use of HTML 5 to deliver audio and video components, and can also deliver a local storage proxy for offline saving of data. It also makes wide use of Cascading Styling Sheet (CSS) to offer a vigorous styling layer.


  • Introduction
  •  Performance, Semantics, Styling, Multimedia
  •  3D Effects, Offline and Storage, Connectivity, Device Access

Why Sencha Touch?

  • Device Support
  • Native Versus Hybrid
  • Architectural Considerations: MVC
  • Life Cycle
  • Stores
  • Proxies
  • Project Structure
  • Index.html
  • App.JS
  • View Class System
  • o Panels, Component, List
  • o Button, Tab Panel, Carousel

View Controls

  •  Creation
  •  Definition
  •  Customization
  • Layout Types
  • Card based Controls
  • Method Overrides

Working with Data

  • Data Models
  •  Data Store

Store Operations

  • Controller: refs, control and routes
  • Events
  • List of Events

Sencha Touch Theming

  • Introduction to Sass and Compass
  •  Sass: Variables, Nested Rules, Expressions and Control Structures

Wrap up – Putting it all together

  •  Build an enterprise level app