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Space Claim

‘CAE Model Preparation’

Any software, even as simple and intuitive as SpaceClaim, can be used more efficiently with some simple instruction. SpaceClaim offers a broad range of 3D software training classes to its customers, resellers and partners that explain the individual tools and how best to use them. The following free courses are web-based, so you can take them when and where it’s convenient

Online Industrial Training Classes

SpaceClaim hosts live, free training sessions almost every week to help you get the most out of your investment. Course content is updated frequently and the presenter can answer your questions interactively. You can take the free classes as often as you wish. Please check the interactive sign-up calendar to see when a class is available.

Video Replay: If a live class had to be cancelled, is not scheduled for a particular day, or if you were unable to attend and want access to the training, we offer a video “replay” version of each class along with the class content

Specific Classes:

The main classes available are:

  • Introduction to SpaceClaim Basics
  • Concept Modelling with SpaceClaim
  • CAE Model Preparation with SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim Tutorials: Essentials


  • 1-User Interface
  • 2-Selection
  • 3-Sketch
  • 4-Pull
  • 5-Move
  • 6-Fill
  • 7-Combine


  • 1-Selection
  • 2-Pull Tool Guides
  • 3-Pull Edge Options
  • 4-Pull Blending
  • 5-Move
  • 6-Intersect

SpaceClaim Tutorials: Modules


  • 1-Structure Tree
  • 2-Assembly Tools
  • 3-Cross_Section
  • 4-Mechanisms
  • 5-Measure_Interference


  • 1-Detailing
  • 2-3D MarkUp
  • 3-Display Options
  • 4-KeyShot

Concept Modeling

  • 1-STL Import and ReCreate
  • 2-Copy and Paste
  • 3-Associations
  • 4-Annotation Dimensions
  • 5-Inserting Images and Videos
  • 6-Modeling with Images
  • 7-Modeling in 3D

Model Prep

  • 1-Repair
  • 2-DeFeature
  • 3-Round Removal
  • 4-Volume Extract
  • 5-Enclosure

Placement Assistance after SpaceClaim Industrial Training in Mohali and Chandigarh

ITRONIX SOLUTIONS’S Placement Assistance

  • ITRONIX SOLUTIONS is the leader in offering placement to the students, as it has a dedicated placement wing which caters to the needs of the students during placements.
  • ITRONIX SOLUTIONS helps the students in the development of their RESUME as per current industry standards.
  • ITRONIX SOLUTIONS conducts Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills to prepare students to face challenging interview situation with ease.
  • ITRONIX SOLUTIONS has prepared its students to get placed in top FIRMS.

ITRONIX SOLUTIONS Course duration for SpaceClaim Industrial Training in Mohali and Chandigarh

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes(Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes(Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)