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Zend Framework

Web 2.0 is the future of web application development. Building Rich Internet Application with PHP & AJAX training covers a variety of topics related to Web 2.0 application development, such as AJAX, JavaScript, asynchronous data interfacing, JSON, and much more.

This course includes practical application-building exercises to ensure that you go beyond theory to master the process of building rich web applications powered by PHP, AJAX and Web Services. Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to build state-of-the-art web applications utilizing the powerful features provided by the combination of the PHP language, Ajax, and Web Services.

Zend Framework Syllabus

Introducing Framework-Driven Development
  • Introducing the Web Application Framework
Developing Your First Zend Framework Project
  • Downloading and Installing the Zend Framework
  • Configuring the zf Tool
  • Your First Zend Framework Project
  • Adjust Your Document Root
  • Navigate to the Project Home Page
  • The Project Structure
  • Extending Your Project with Controllers, Actions, and Views
  • Creating Controllers
  • Creating Actions
  • Creating Views
  • Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework
  • Passing Data to the View
  • Retrieving GET and POST Parameters
  • Retrieving GET Parameters
  • Retrieving POST Parameters
  • Creating Custom Routes
  • Defining URL Parameters
  • Verifying Controller Existence
  • Verifying Action Existence
  • Verifying a Response Status Code
Managing Layouts, Views, CSS, Images, and JavaScript
  • Managing Your Website Layout
  • Using Alternative Layouts
  • Disabling the Layout
  • Managing Views
  • Disabling the View
  • View Helpers
  • Managing URLs
  • Creating Custom View Helpers
  • Managing Images
  • Managing CSS and JavaScript
  • Verifying the Page Title
Managing Configuration Data
  • Introducing the Application Configuration File
  • Accessing Configuration Parameters
  • Accessing Configuration Data From a Controller Action
  • Using the Controller’s init() Method to Consolidate Code
Creating Web Forms with Zend_Form
  • Rendering the Form
  • Passing Options to the Constructor
  • Processing Form Contents
  • Determining if the Form Has Been Submitted
  • Validating Form Input
  • Completing the Process
  • Populating a Form
  • Populating Select Boxes
Talking to the Database with Zend_Db
  • Introducing Zend_Db
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Creating Your First Model
  • Querying Your Models
  • Querying by Primary Key
  • Querying by a Non-key Column
  • Retrieving Multiple Rows
  • Counting Rows
  • Selecting Specific Columns
  • Ordering the Results by a Specific Column
  • Limiting the Results
  • Executing Custom Queries
  • Querying Your Database Without Models
  • Creating a Row Model
  • Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data
  • Inserting a New Row
  • Updating a Row
  • Deleting a Row
  • Paginating Results with Zend_Paginator
Managing User Accounts
  • Managing User Account
  • Generating the Accounts Database Table
  • Creating New User Accounts
  • Sending E-mail Through the Zend Framework
  • Confirming the Account
  • Developing the User Login Feature
  • Determining Whether the User Session is Valid
  • Creating the User Logout Feature
  • Creating Rich User Interfaces with JavaScript and Ajax